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Up Coming Projects and Events 

Mobile UMW 2019 Calendar: The first mission project will be the Soup Sale on January 13th. Let me know if you can contribute soup or money. Everyone loves homemade soups frozen in pints and quarts. Bring to little kitchen near sanctuary. 

Our first Face to Face meeting of the year is Tuesday, Jan 29th at CUMC Christ Center Hospitality Room from 9:00 AM-11:00 PM. I will be presenting the “Call to Prayer and Self Denial” for the Spiritual Growth program, along with others who have volunteered to help. I look forward to seeing your smiles around the tables! We are planning for 40-70 women from all circles. Please consider bringing a food dish to share after the program.

My Pledge to Mission: Our treasurer, Phyllis Allen is obligated to send our annual pledges per member to the Mobile District treasurer to be forwarded to the Alabama-West Florida Conference. We at CUMW give proportionally in the manner in which we are blessed! The 2018 financial report for the Mary & Martha circle stated an income of $1,475.00. I expect we will be lower this year without Vera’s generosity to missions. We are an organization that supports missions. Members make a pledge* in January to support missions realizing that all members are not equally able to give what might be determined as a fair share. I’m asking you to be prayerful when considering your pledge to missions. You may send in pledges monthly, quarterly or annually. (Your pledge can be given through the 2019 year, NOT all in January!) 

*All pledges are confidential and no one makes any attempt to collect what has been pledged. Everyone wonders if they are pledging enough but, that is similar to the way our church operates. The pledge is between you and God! “My Pledge To Mission 2019” checklist link is found under #1 for you to complete and return to our Treasurer. 

Two ways of responding: 

Mail pledge sheet to CUMW treasurer, Phyllis Allen, 6895 Providence Estate Dr., Mobile, Al. 36695-4613. Or you can leave an envelope ATTN: CUMW Mrs. Phyllis Allen at the church