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Our Prayer Focus

Week of August 14, 2017


Fear, doubt, depression and so many other things that bring uncertainty to an all-time high. Seeing others or being in one or more of these states of minds can make the beginning of a day difficult. So, what should we do. RUN TO THE ROCK. Maybe you are a reader, a prayer warrior of a lover of music but run to the rock. I found joy in a song that came to my heart as I asked God to take away the thoughts of the dream I had just before I woke up. The song On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand came in my head and as I sang it I felt better and better.

Then I found two scriptures to affirm my feelings even more:
Psalm 18: 2 (ESV)
The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer,
my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge,
my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

2 Samuel 22:2 (ESV)
He said, "The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer

You can think about the dream which is backing up. You can stand still, that is going nowhere or you can run and move forward to the joy that is only found in Him. Pray for those who are in doubt or fear or any feeling that is negative to know that they too can run to the one who will be with them in the darkest of times to help and deliver the joy of the Lord which is our strength, Amen.

Love and prayers for an amazing week of running!


Pray Daily for our CSports Teams

Dear Wonderful Ladies of the Mary Martha Mail Circle, Here are your two Prayer Partner teams for the 2017 CSports Soccer season. They will all be informed that you ladies will be praying for each of them by name each day throughout the season. Pray for their safety and for the Holy Spirit to be active and evident in each of their lives. Thank you all for everything you do for this ministry!

Coaches: Jay Dennis, Kevin Jackson and Kristina Stuart.
Team members:
Addyson, Branson, Brennan, Eli, Emerson, Evan, Grace, Joseph, Lilly, and Zac.

Coaches: Michelle Fountain and Scott Salvaggio.
Team members:
Amber, Carlen, Cayne, Evan, Ian, Isabella, Matilyn (Mattie), Noah, Nolan and Sean.

Please represent the Mail Circle
at the following CUMW events

SEPT 9 ~ 6 AM ~ 4 PM ~ Safe Haven

NOV 12 ~ Noon ~ United Methodist Women Sunday & Annual Meeting ~ Catered lunch at noon - Christ Center Hospitality Room ~ Program: World Thank Offering - Lydia Circle

DEC 9 ~ 6 AM ~ 4 PM ~ Safe Haven

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August 2017


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