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Mary and Martha Mail Circle

A virtual circle of United Methodist Women at Christ United Methodist Church, Mobile, Alabama

Our Prayer Focus

Week of August 22, 2016

Never Doubt

Never Doubt

Social media, modern technology baffle us every day.
The older we get we realize the price that we have to pay.
Stay current with things that challenge us, the computers, the phones,
      IPads too
can take our joy in a second so now what
      are we to do?

Try this often, begin each day, more than just a moment in prayer.
Read from His word and know the help from God and be very aware
that God has no limits to what He can do yet we doubt ourselves each day.
Take all of your worries to The Lord and know all you really need
       to do is PRAY!

poem by: Norma Spiller

Scripture: Luke 1:1-4 and Proverbs 3:5

Pray Daily for our
2016 CSports Soccer Teams

#23 — Bullets
Coaches: Phillip Bradley & Russ Gipson
Team Players: Alejandro, Alex, Aria, Evan B., Evan M., Landry, Robert, Thea, Trent, Vivie and William.

#24 — Twisters
Coaches: Brock Cole, Jon Seale & Joline Cole.
Team Players: Ashton, Braxton, Braydin, Caroline, Collins, Hannah, Lily, Marcus, Michael and TJ.

Please represent the Mail Circle
at the following CUMW events

May 28—9am-Noon Christ Center—Christ Center 2nd floor— FLYER
Jun 11—6am-4pm—Safe Haven
Aug 13— 10am-2pm—Created for Happiness—Toulminville-Warren UMC
Sep 10—6am-4pm—Safe Haven
Oct—to be announced—Children's Sabbath
Nov 13—noon—CUMW—Annual Meeting—Catered lunch
Dec 4 —9am -noon—Soup Sale—Courtyard Porch and Christ Center
Dec 10—6am-4pm—Safe Haven

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August 2016

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