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Our Prayer Focus

Week of August 10, 2015

Kind words only

Kind Words

Some days seem so hard just to get up out of bed.
Thoughts of all we have to do bring doubt into our heads.
Have we said the things we need to help encourage others on
to making Godly choices and not stray do things wrong?

A parents job is sometimes overwhelming and we try
to raise them up with love and joy but soon the day goes by.
We struggle with the daily grind, get tired and tempers short.
Our words come flying out more like a bull's unruly snort.

So maybe we forgot to pray and ask God for a measure
of His goodness and for patience, these gifts we all should treasure.
Begin the day with Jesus, on your knees just go to Him
then you'll know and say the right things to begin the day with "them".

Our children are a blessing from Our Father up above.
Raise them up and tell them about The Fathers love.
To see them grow in faithfulness and fullness of His grace
will bring much joy into your life when they daily seek His face.

poem by: Norma Spiller

Ephesians 4:29
Ephesians 6:1-4
Proverbs 22:6

Love and prayers, Norma

Pray Daily for our
2015 CSports Flag Football Team 20 - Giants

Coaches: Wendel Smitherman and Zachary McKenna.
The Team Players: Avery, Caleb, Carter, Ethan, Evan, Jacob, John Lee, Michael, Riley, Thomas and Ty.

Christ United Methodist Women Dates 2015

FEB 3 – 9am to 11:30am – Call to Prayer and Self-Denial – Fellowship Hall
MAR 29 – 8am to Noon – Bake Sale – Courtyard Porch and Christ Center
APR 18 – 9am – Mobile in Black & White – Room 209. Bring your coffee cup.
MAY 30 – 9am to Noon – UMCOR Workday – Christ Center Hospitality Room
AUG 8 – 9am to 2pm – Study – The Church and People with Disabilities
OCT – Children's Sabbath – Date and plans to be added.
OCT 6 – 10am – Program Planning 2016 – Room A-204
NOV 8 – Noon – UMW Sunday Luncheon – Christ Center Hospitality Room
DEC 6 – 9am to Noon – Soup Sale – Courtyard Porch and Christ Center

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