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Our Prayer Focus

Week of June 8, 2015

Children at pool 1971

Looking Back

Looking through my pictures, some very old indeed,
makes me realize how life goes by at such great speed.
The changes in the faces of family and friends
is fun to see and also the changes in the trends.

As I look back on days gone by I smile as I remember
the joys that came into my life from Januarys through Decembers.
A lifetime full of ones I've known in good times and in bad
and of course the two I miss the most my mom and my dad!

But life is full of moments and memories we make
to help us to move forward with every step we take.
Yesterday is gone in time but never in my heart.
Today another chance to prepare and make a fresh, new start.

Each day a gift, "the present", don't waste it all away.
Enjoy today with Jesus, thank HIM as you kneel and pray.
Know that He is with you and has been there all along.
Stay close and trust HIS promises; with Jesus you'll be strong!

poem by: Norma Spiller

Psalm 119:11
Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.( NIV)

Prayer focus:
Little ones and the elderly. Share stories with both of these groups of people in your life. Also let's pray for our upcoming VBS and especially those who have worked so hard preparing for it!

Love and prayers, Norma

Pray Daily for our
2015 CSports Flag Football Team 20 - Giants

Coaches: Wendel Smitherman and Zachary McKenna.
The Team Players: Avery, Caleb, Carter, Ethan, Evan, Jacob, John Lee, Michael, Riley, Thomas and Ty.

Christ United Methodist Women Dates 2015

FEB 3 – 9am to 11:30am – Call to Prayer and Self-Denial – Fellowship Hall
MAR 29 – 8am to Noon – Bake Sale – Courtyard Porch and Christ Center
APR 18 – 9am – Mobile in Black & White – Room 209. Bring your coffee cup.
MAY 30 – 9am to Noon – UMCOR Workday – Christ Center Hospitality Room
AUG 8 – 9am to 2pm – Study – The Church and People with Disabilities
OCT – Children's Sabbath – Date and plans to be added.
OCT 6 – 10am – Program Planning 2016 – Room A-204
NOV 8 – Noon – UMW Sunday Luncheon – Christ Center Hospitality Room
DEC 6 – 9am to Noon – Soup Sale – Courtyard Porch and Christ Center

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June 2015


No One Teaches You About Pregnancy or Parenthood

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