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Our Prayer Focus

Week of August 18, 2014

Ducky Crocheted Booties

Mom and Dad

One day goes by and then another
          so much to do but little time.
I slow my day, a busy mom,
          to sit and pray and write this rhyme.

Just because I have this gift
          I simply want to share
how much I thank my mom and dad
          for always being there!

There to feed and care for me,
          to bandage scraped up knees.
There to teach me what to say
          like thank you and say please.

Dress me up for Sunday mornings,
          clean my ears and nose.
Help me with my school work,
          do ballet on my toes.

Mom and dad were always there
          but not everyone is so "lucky"
to have a warm bed and meals to eat
          or have a rubber ducky.

So pray this week for little ones
          and those who tend to them.
Pray God's strength and kindness
          and pray they always turn to HIM.

poem by: Norma Spiller
(p.s. excuse the corny part about the ducky, but my dad's name was Lucky)

God is able to do immeasurably more that all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us. Ephesians 3:20

Pray Daily for our CSports Team,
The Jags, Flag Football 2014

Coach Thompson and Coach Olzinski. The Team Players: Braden, Carl, Daylon, Gus, Michael , Whitney, Lauren, Ty , Jonathan, and Olivia.

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