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A virtual circle of United Methodist Women at Christ United Methodist Church, Mobile, Alabama

Our Prayer Focus

Week of April 14, 2014

Christ United Methodist Church with azaleas.

Holy Week Monday

MONDAY is the day Jesus cleansed the Temple by driving out the money changers when He declared they had made His Father’s house a robbers’ den. Prayer for the day: Lord, I need You to clear my Temple (body) of everything in me that hinders me from going on spiritually with You.

Monday's Scripture:
Matthew 21: 12

Jesus entered the Temple and began to drive out all the people buying and selling animals for sacrifice. He knocked over the tables of the money changers and the chairs of those selling doves. (NLT)

Pray Daily for our CSports Team
Baseball Team: The Cowboys.

Coach Cambell and Coach Sullivan.
The Team Players: Barron, Baylor, Christopher, Dakota, Emma, Grant, James Holston, Joseph, Parker, Ryan, and Shelby.

Our Virtual Meeting

April 2014

Easter Lily

On Death and Dying

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November 10, 2013 - CUMW

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